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Houston, TX

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Allied Reliability - Houston, TX

About Us

Allied Reliability provides talent acquisition and staff augmentation supporting a worldwide client base. Industry leading organizations rely on Allied to achieve high impact results and remarkably enhanced workforce productivity.

Our response to our clients ever-changing staffing needs.

Quickly fill your site’s temporary openings.

Do you have a project that is calling to add temporary staff for a specific duration of time? Let our Talent Acquisition team screen and secure these resources for you!

With our applicant tracking system of over 25,000 maintenance professionals, we can assist in filling your site’s temporary openings.

We also have a Contract-to-Permanent offering, which many of our clients utilize as part of their employee’s probationary period. After a designated amount of time, the contract employee would be eligible for conversion to a permanent status with no added conversion fees or buyout percentages.

We have a set all-inclusive rate that covers all needed workers’ compensation and liability and indemnity insurances.

If your organization has a permanent, long-term need, then a direct hire arrangement is the right model for you.

If your organization has a permanent, long-term need, then a direct hire arrangement is the right model for you. Allied Reliability Group understands the manufacturing and industrial environment and has decades of experience in the maintenance specialty. We know that the general definition of maintenance and engineering does not apply to the positions you are looking to fill.

At Allied, we put our decades of experience in the manufacturing and industrial sector to work to properly screen applicants. We will not bury you in a heap of unqualified applications. We will only bring candidates to the table who are task qualified as well as industry qualified.

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  • Direct Hire
  • RPO
  • Recruiting Agency
  • Manufacturing

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