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Jacksonville, FL

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Interactive Resources - Jacksonville, FL

About Interactive Resoures

Relationships. Talent. Results.

Interactive Resrouces was founded on the power of relationships.

Interactive Resources, LLC (iR Talent) is a staffing company founded in 2005 in Jacksonville, FL, by a small team of hard-working professionals who believe in the power of relationships. We now have offices across the United States, and help fill roles that span three main industries – professional, technical and industrial.

We utilize “technology powered by humans” to build the best teams:

Our company has grown alongside major advancements in technology, which we have leveraged as a tool to propel our efforts in the world of staffing, but we are committed to never losing site of the importance of human interaction. The power of relationships and personal connection in an industry that is too often driven by numbers is a core value we believe helps us stand out, and will enable us to continue to thrive as a growing team.

We believe the best teams bring the best results:

We support building the best teams and work environments people love because this is what brings the results – we are a product of this belief. We value each and every one of our clients, partners, and staff – we wouldn’t be here without you. We also love learning about new opportunities and taking on new challenges.

In key job markets across the US, our local recruiters help job seekers like you find full-time, part-time and contract employment in the following roles:


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Contact Interactive Resources

Address: 6420 Southpoint Pkwy #110 
Jacksonville, FL  

Phone:  (904) 821-8960

  • Direct Placement Services
  • Executive Search
  • Market Analysis
  • Project Management Services
  • Project-based Development
  • Project-based Recruiting
  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing
  • Technical/Professional Staffing
  • IT & Engineering

Interactive Resources Recruiters & Team

Contact Us

Address: 6420 Southpoint Pkwy, 110 Jacksonville, FL, 32216

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