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ProLogistix - Fontana, CA

ProLogistix is the leading logistics staffing firm in the country. With over 40 million man hours recorded the last five years, we have extensive experience filling all levels of logistics positions ranging from entry level warehouse to senior executives of supply chain. Great logistics employees are hard to find. We have developed an application and screening process, comprised of seven assessments, which captures 63 different possible skill sets for every applicant. It is this process that enables us to make the best possible match between employees and companies. What sets ProLogistix apart from other staffing agencies? Our culture of honesty, integrity and sets the framework for everything we do. Our locally owned and operated culture allows for faster decision making to meet your needs. Our focus and specialization in's all we do so we do it better. ProLogistix is not a generic provider of talent. Unlike other workforce providers, we focus on one type of environment: warehouse and distribution. It's because of this focus that we can stay on top of the issues and challenges that your business faces. Our staff you can speak to someone who has an understanding of what you do. Our staff is composed of veterans who have experience or knowledge in the logistics field. In addition, we continually train and certify our staff to possess the expertise to understand and deliver to the needs of the logistics environment. Our productivity..In the final analysis, this is the critical standard: is the employee productive? After all, productivity is what drives success, whether you are a company or an individual. Because ProLogistix focuses on one industry and our people understand that industry, we can do a much better job of matching the employee to the company need. And we have the productivity results to prove it.

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Address: 7898 Cherry Ave, Suite G Fontana, CA, 92336

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