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Broussard, LA

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Lofton Staffing Services - Broussard, LA

For more than 37 years, Lofton has built a reputation on providing staffing solutions that companies can rely on to make their businesses more efficient, cost-effective and profitable. Lofton's success is based on a personal relationship with our customers that is built on trust and powered by innovative temporary and full-time solutions. Solutions that put people to work with the right skill for you. Office locations include: Baton Rouge, LA: 225-924-0200 Covington, LA: 985-867-3747 Gonzales, LA: 225-644-0200 Houma, LA: 985-868-6483 Lafayette, LA: 337-269-0500 Lake Charles, LA: 337-433-6188 LaPlace, LA: 985-651-4900 New Orleans, LA: 504-210-0500 Beaumont, TX: 409-833-0800 Houston, TX: 713-975-7277 Little Rock, AR: 501-904-2160 Jackson, MS: 769-243-8435

  • Administrative and Support Services
  • Construction
  • Energy & Utilities
  • Executive Search
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing

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