Recruiters reach out to candidates on a daily basis about new career opportunities. And I see it all the time that candidates get upset when recruiters connect with candidates on opportunities that best suited them 15 years ago. It can be frustrating - I know. I still get contacted for job opportunities that would have been a better match for me in 1999 vs 2019.

Rather than get upset, I’d like to discuss the correct way to respond when a recruiter reaches out to you. That’s because there is a right way to do so and a wrong way. Even if you are not interested in considering or pursuing another employment opportunity, it’s recommended that you do it the right way.

Your friend, the recruiter!

A recruiter can be of tremendous asset to your career. They have access to opportunities that you don’t know about. They have access to information about employers that you don’t have. They have expertise regarding the hiring process that has taken years to accumulate, and you can put that expertise to use to grow your career!

If a recruiter contacts you about an opportunity, you should be flattered. That’s because it means the recruiter considers you a potential fit for their client’s open position.

So this is the correct way to react when a recruiter (or somebody from a staffing agency) reaches out to you:

1.Be Humble and Show Gratitude. If a recruiter contacts you about an opportunity, you should be flattered. That’s because it means the recruiter considers you a potential fit for their client’s open position. Often they don't have a full view into your career history and are working with outdated information. Give some grace and thank them for reaching out. Today, so many of us live with a chip on our shoulder, as if the world owes us something. Be thankful you have been given an opportunity to build a relationship with someone who could help your career (whether or not this is the right opportunity or not)

2.Be willing to listen to what the recruiter has to say. Once again, just because you listen to what the opportunity is, that does not mean you are obligated to do anything. You’re just listening.

3.Update the recruiter on where you are with your career and how this opportunity either aligns with your goals or does not. If you’re not interested in exploring this particular opportunity, communicate to the recruiter the opportunity that you would be interested in exploring. That way, the recruiter can keep their eye out for such an opportunity in the future. Recruiters are in the trenches all day and they talk with employers all day and know where the opportunities are. You can be the first to hear about new opportunities in the future.

4.If you’re not interested in exploring the opportunity and you know somebody who might be, pass that name along to the recruiter. Most recruiters offer referral bonuses that range from $500 to $5,000. You never know, you might help somebody else land a new job, while building goodwill with the recruiter in the process, and earn some passive income as the cherry on top. This is a Win-Win-Win! The recruiter will remember you in the future.

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So the next time a recruiter calls you, don’t be offended. Be flattered. And just listen to what they have to say. After all, what they tell you could change your life for the better.

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