Are you looking to give a boost to your staffing agency SEO ranking?

Just remember to E-A-T more! High-quality web pages possess a high level of E-A-T while low-quality pages don’t. The higher the E-A-T the higher your Google SEO rankings for your staffing agency.

Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness: E-A-T

E-A-T stands for “Expertise, authoritativeness, trustworthiness” and it’s the metric by which Google’s evaluators rank web sites and content.


Follow the guide below for some practical tips to boost your EAT and SEO ratings for your staffing agency;

1.Enough main content - Your staffing agencies content should be ample enough to satisfy the needs of a user for a page’s unique topic and purpose. If your a boutique staffing agency, you need to demonstrate you have amply content to demonstrate you're the authority for staffing in the sector. Feature blogs, whitepapers, infographics, etc.

2.Your staffing agency website and content should be viewed as expert, authoritative, and trustworthy for the topic they discuss. Engage in the communities, hire expert writers, creating content that job seekers and employers want to engage with and share. Social signals help estblish your staffing agencies authority. Remember, content is still king for SEO!

3.Your staffing agency has a positive reputation for its content. This happens through 3rd party review sites and testimonials. Authority is determined by what OTHERS (not yourself) have to say about your brand. If you don't have online reviews and your competitors do - YOU WILL BE OUTPERFORMED in rating. Reviews matter!

4.Your staffing agency website features enough auxiliary information. Your staffing agency website should feature the following main topics "About", "Contact", "Team", "Testimonals & Reviews", "Contact (Map, Name, Address, Phone)", "Blog", "Jobs", and Social Media links.

5.Your staffing agency website features supplementary content that enhances the user’s enjoyment and experience of a web page such as job & career tips, industry best practices, what candidates and employers should expect when working with your staffing agency,etc.

6.Your staffing agency page is designed in a functional fashion that allows users to easily locate the information they want.

7.Your staffing agency website is mobile optimized. Test to see if your staffing agency website is mobile optimized here:

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