Recruitsy is committed to deliverying continuous incremental improvements to staffing agencies and candidates. Today we just launched a collection of new features to improve the user's review experience;

Recruitsy Review Toolbar (1).png

1.Comments & Replies - Signed in users can now reply to Reviews, ask questions, and thank the reviewer for their feedback by clicking "Comment" in the Social Toolbar.

2.Manage Your Reviews - You can now easily edit and delete your reviews if you would like to make changes after the review was published by clicking the "Edit" or "Delete"option in the Action Menu.

3.Useful Reviews- If you find a review helfpul we encourage you to show your appreciation by clicking "Useful" in the social toolbar.

4.Report a Concern -If you feel that a review violates the Recruitsy content guidelines, terms of use, or contains false information please report it to our compliance team by clicking "Report" in the Action Menu of the review and then completing the form.

Reviewers on Recruitsy can be asked to provide documentation showing they’ve had a buying or service experience with the reviewed company. This can happen, for example, where a company reports a review because they don’t believe the person writing the review has had a genuine experience.