Your candidate experience is defined by how job seekers perceive and react to your sourcing, recruiting, interviewing, hiring, and on-boarding processes. It is proven to be directly tied to recruiting performance, making it one of the most highly regarded talent acquisition topics today.

A great candidate experience will lead to more (sometimes better) applicants, hires, and referrals. It can also result in lower costs per hire and time to fill. The benefits of a stellar candidate experience are vast.

But how exactly can staffing agencies measure their candidate experience? .... more on that in a moment.

Now onto Gamification. Gamification is the concept which uses game theory, mechanics and game designs to digitally engage and motivate people to achieve goals.

Gamification works because we, humans need to have goals, we want to feel valued, we are competitive.

Great....But how can staffing agencies gamify the candidate experience?

It's really easy.

1.Sign Up for your free Recruitsy profile for your staffing agency.

2.Create goals and establish a competitive culture around your candidate experience KPIs. You have to change the game and focus on quality over the quantity of interactions.

3.Ask for reviews and send people to your personalized Recruitsy profile. If you don't ask for feedback you likely won't get much. Establish a culture focused around collecting and measuring feedback and integrate.

4.Incentivize your your employees to ask for reviews and get recommendations. Let's face it, money is a huge motivator. If you're trying to roll out a new program or gain buy-in from employees, a little cash goes a long way towards greasing the wheels and collecting more reviews.

5.Measure your Net Promoter Score (NPS) aggregate ratings with Recruitsy and compare NPS scores by recruiter, branch office, region, brand, and company (depending on how your staffing agency is structured)


So why should you use the Net Promoter Score as your candidate experience KPI?

The Net Promoter Score (NPS): This is a 0 - 10 rating on the likelihood that a candidate or client would recommend your staffing services to a friend. It is a solid indicator of your brand’s relationship with its candidates and client and, in fact, has real value in differentiating one staffing agencies performance from another.

There is a whole range of benefits that candidate experience gamification brings to your staffing agency;

*A focus on quality interactions. You have to remember your brand is the sum of every interaction your clients and candidates are having with your recruiters and account managers every single day. Your brand can create a competive advantage.

*Increase to your pipelines through word of mouth, social sharing, and SEO. A great candidate experience creates loyalty, awareness, and more business through referral recommendations. Your Net Promoter Score has real value in differentiating your staffing agencies performance from another.

By building and promoting a culture around candidate experiences you are future proofing your recruiting business from facets of the industry that simply cannot be automated - Relationships!

About Recruitsy

Recruitsy is the smartest way to connect candidates and employers with the best recruiters. We bring the candidate experience to the forefront with the first-to-market public review platform built exclusively for the staffing and recruiting industry that features a directory with over 30,000+ recruiting agencies.

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