When’s the last time you heard someone ask, “Do you know of any great massage therapists who can also cut my hair?” or “I just wish my physician could fill this cavity after we’re done with my yearly physical?”

Most people don’t trust people who claim to be experts in multiple services or skills. We want to choose a provider of services based on their qualifications and expertise to solve our specific problem. We want to have a strong reason for going with this provider over that.

It's no different for people who are looking for the best staffing agencies. So the question is:

What compels a client to choose YOUR staffing agency over another?

What differentiates YOUR staffing agency from others in your market?

Or, are you positioning your firm and its services like a commodity -- something that has little value and whose price is the only differentiator?

Identifying your unique staffing factors allows you to build a distinct staffing brand. The positioning, image, and personality of your brand shouldn't be confused with another staffing agency competitor.

Here are some tips to stand out in a crowded market;

Show your depth.

Anyone can google or use LinkedIn to find candidates. To win new business, staffing agencies must show that they will go deeper than the competition or the client to field the right candidate

Listen and Learn

Potential clients want to feel like you know their business like the back of your hand. A good way to show that you are dedicated to a business is to learn every aspect of their company, not just their hiring needs. Learn the company culture, demands, and anything that may be important for a potential employee to know about. This will help with job orders and lining up the right candidates.

Be transparent

Talk to clients about how you’ll surface candidates that the client could not have reached on their own. Share how your fee structures work and the value you bring to the table.

If you're going to spray and pray and charge a big fee - it will be much harder to demonstrate your value.

Show the difference you can make

A good agency will have strong relationships with candidates that causes them to engage with the job opportunities and will also have candidates primed and available for these opporunities.

One example; I hired Jefferson Frank to fill an AWS DevOps role for a company last quarter in Dallas. The agency had 5 pre-vetted Sr.level candidates available for me to interview immediately after the contract was signed. That was something I couldn't do on my own and was the difference maker in selecting them as a staffing partner.

Demonstrate value through your candidate experience scores and client satisfaction scores.

In the digital age, everyone is accustomed to reading reviews and making informed decisions based on the the wisdom of the crowd. That's no different with staffing. Client's want to see proof that you can deliver top candidates and that your satisfaction scores are high. Recruitsy offers you a way to instantly demonstrate your satisfaction scores compared to others in your industry at a local and national level. Use reviews to differentiate your brand.

Get found

Elevate your staffing agency in the Google search results and grow your business with local and national SEO. It's no longer enough just to have a website and get word-of-mouth referrals. There are 8M+ web searches every month for staffing agencies.

Are you standing out enough to grab a slice of that pie?

How does your staffing agency stand out and what makes it unique? Let us know, we would love to profile your staffing agency on Recruitsy.