In 2016 I was on a mission to elliminate staffing agencies. The theory at least, was to bring power to the people and directly connect talent with hiring managers using assessments, big data, machine learning, and AI in recruitment to blow up the industry. The hypothesis we were working under was the recruitment and job search process was broken, staffing was commoditized and ripe for digitalization, and technology should come in like superman to rescue the people.

The net-net...the startup failed and through the failure I came to realize the real value of staffing agencies.

1.The primary advantage and value that agencies and recruiters bring to the table is their relationships with companies and people. Real relationships can not be easily automated.

From an employer perspective, if you need pre-vetted talent fast, there is no better way to get access to top niche-talent.

From a candidate perspective, if you want to bypass the ATS blackhole and actually speak with someone, the recruiter is the best method. You can connect with recruiters and staffing agencies to help you through the job search and really connect at a level that AI doesn't allow.

2.Staffing agencies provide services that can greatly increase a candidates ability to get job. The best staffing agencies are dedicated to helping connect job seekers with the right companies and positions at no cost to the job seeker. They can also help with coaching on your resume, interviews, and providing inside scoop on the culture of the companies.

Not all staffing agencies are created equal, though — the best ones offer a personalized, responsive and pleasant experience for job seekers. But with so many different options to choose from, how do you find the right one?

That's precisely what Recruitsy was built for -- Recruitsy is a crowd sourced rating and review platform purpose-built to match people with the best staffing agencies and recruiters using the rave reviews from job seekers and employers to boot. If you need a new job and someone to help you land it, check one of these top staffing agencies on Recruitsy.

Robert Half Technology

Company Rating: 5.0 / 5.0

Where Hiring: ALL OVER :)

Specialty: Technical Staffing

What Job Seekers Say: “I had never worked with a recruiter before. Working with Mike was a GAME CHANGER. Having someone advocate for me to a new potential employer really helped me reach a position that I could not have gotten without him. Since moving to the company Mike helped place me at i have been very successful and grateful for every opportunity!” — Shawn Collins


Company Rating: 5.0 / 5.0

Where Hiring: Jacksonville, FL

Specialty:Property Management Staffing

What Job Seekers Say: “Shelley is absolutely amazing! She checks up on me, she encourages me and she gave me a job as soon as I got there! She is truly a blessing!” — Latishia Henry


Company Rating: 5.0 / 5.0

Where Hiring: United States

Specialty: Healthcare IT Staffing

What Job Seekers Say: *“I have worked with several recruiters over the last 7 years and I can say, without any reservation, that Dr. Dean Rottinghaus is by far a cut above them all and I mean this in all honesty. From the very first minute I got on the phone till the day I got offered this awesome role, Dr. Rottinghaus was ever present, he listened, paid attention to my expression and excitement/ enthusiasm which helped him determine where and how best he could craft and custom make my experience to suit the role I was applying. He gave very candid assessment of me and offered me advice which will prove powerful in landing me my current role.

I can't say enough about Dean but I'm sure those who know him have very high regard of him.

I will recommend Dean and his company Imethod to anyone and everyone that hope to someday be taken and treated like an asset and not just another resume in some company's database, or not just another quota by a recruiter to fill, please run to Dean and iMethods for a chance and a shot at greatness.

By the way, from submission for interview/ offer acceptance, it was 15days.

Spoiler Alert: Dean knows how to screen out BS artists/ zero skilled consultants wanabe, so please know your stuff and demonstrate mastery of your trade, then Dean will be more than a great help to land you your next role. Thanks for reading.”* — Tosin Ogunsiji


Company Rating: 5.0 / 5.0

Where Hiring: United States

Specialty: IT & Engineering Staffing

What Job Seekers Say: “I've had the privilege of knowing JD for 12 years as candidate and client. In both situations, he has been the consummate professional and someone I can count on. He followed up when he said he would follow up and always delivered what he promised. As a candidate, he knows my capabilities, personality, and where I would best fit culturally . Once a contract was in place, he stayed in touch regularly with me and the client to ensure we were mutually satisfied. As a client, his searches delivered the strongest candidates - so good that we took them as direct hires rather than as contractors. His tireless efforts and "can do / will do" spirit raises the bar not just for recruiters, but for all professionals.” — Job Seeker

Interactive Resources

Company Rating: 4.9 / 5.0

Where Hiring: Austin, Nasheville, Jacksonville, Denver, Orange County

Specialty: Technical, Professional, and Industrial Staffing

What Job Seekers Say:

“When I first reached out to David Green I was impressed with how much he understood the situation that I was in, my timeline, exactly what skills I had, and what I was looking for going forward. He had a number of positions that I was suited for and that met my needs in no time at all! Not only did he have an incredibly quick turnaround, but he also didn't waste my time with any positions that wouldn't have been a great match. Throughout the whole interview process, I was under a lot of work stress and he was very flexible to accommodate my needs. On top of that, he was very responsive whenever I was available and sent feedback over email when I wasn't available. I was impressed with his communication skills. In particular, he was very open about the pros and cons of each position and, he listened to how much value I placed on each of them. He was also transparent about how I stood with each company. After I was placed he was available to listen to any concerns I had about my new role and any changes that happened within the company, but he never bothered me about other openings.” — Corey Robertson

Hi-Touch Executive Search

Company Rating: 4.9 / 5.0

Where Hiring: United States

Specialty: Digital Media, Emerging Tech, and Cannabis Staffing

What Job Seekers Say:

“Honest, earnest, helpful and really, really human in the grand sense of the word--that's how I'd describe Jane. And I say that despite the fact I've never found employment through her. But that's the point, right? What other recruiter--even one's who've found me work--could you describe that way? When so many others in her profession do drive-bys, or email and ghost, use you as a stalking horse or otherwise treat you as goods to be bought and sold, Jane speaks the truth, even if it's not pleasant--and we and her industry and the clients she represents are better for it. She offers advice and seeks help for people in her network. She offers content on LinkedIn that illuminates both the smooth and crunchy of the search process. Follow her and a few other recruiters on that platform and you'll immediately understand what transactional means and why it's not a great way to engage with job seekers or act as the face of a client and just how different from that Jane is. Whether you're a job seeker or a headhunter or, most importantly, a client looking for someone to fulfill you talent needs, you could learn from her.” — Scott Omelianuk

Benjamin Douglas

Company Rating: 4.9 / 5.0

Where Hiring: United States

Specialty: IT & Engineering, Financial Services Staffing

What Job Seekers Say:

“Doug was extremely helpful getting me prepped and ready for what to expect for my interviews with Redzone Production systems, and he was very responsive, and was able to answer all my questions, and on top of that I feel like he has helped me get into contact what could be my dream job. Thank you very much Doug!” — Keith Parks

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