I'm stoked to finally announce our launch of the new Recruitsy review & reputaton management platform for staffing agencies.

The first concept of Recruitsy was introduced back in July 2017. Since then we have been laser focused gathering feedback from candidates, staffing agencies, and industry insiders trying to build the best ratings and reviews platform on the market for the staffing industry.

Our mission is simple.

Bring job seekers, staffing agencies, and companies together to create better job search experiences for everyone.

Staffing agencies make the jobs economy go-around and we are focused on putting a spotlight on the best staffing agencies and recruiters.

We make it simple for employers and candidates to find the best.

Everything that was changed in the new version was viewed through the lense, "Does this feature it easier for someone to find a staffing agency or write a review for the staffing agency or recruiter"

So let's get to it...what's changed in the new app?

1. Social logins

The first version of Recruitsy required users to login with their LinkedIn accounts. This created friction in the process because we found not all users have LinkedIn. We will now support Twitter, Google, and Facebook social logins to make it even easier to login.

** Social login is launching March 15th.

2. Friction-less Reviews

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) question, "How likely are you to recommend [INSERT STAFFING AGENCY HERE] to a friend?", is now the primary question we are asking candidates and clients to rate their experience working with staffing agencies and recruiters. We believe this question best demonstrates the staffing agencies value and reputation in the market.

Staffing Agencies now also have their own custom-branded Write Review page and URL that can be easily shared (deep-linked) to clients and candidates. This support 1-click reviews and makes it easier for your customers to leave a review..

We are launching the beta version of embedded-survey emails. Previously, reviewers had to sign-in to leave a review. (Multiple clicks and steps were required to get a user to write a review). Now with our embedded surveys, people can leaving start their review directly in the email they received AND they won't be prompted to login. Our A|B tests are showing a much higher review conversion rate as result.

3. Mobile & Speed Optimizations

Close to 50% of our traffic is mobile-based and our prior website wasn't mobile-optimized. So this time-around, we focused heavily on mobile design, reducing image bloat, minifying code, caching static assets, and reducing overall page size.

The net result, you're mobile devices will LOVE us. We have a happier and more enjoyable experience with much faster page load times.


What good is your website if no one knows about it? We built the latest version of Recruitsy with our eyes glued to SEO best practices. Our mission is to dominate local and national SEO for staffing agencies. If your staffing agency gets "googled" or someone types in "staffing agencies near me" our content should be ranked high enough to present your agency and best staffing agencies based on Recruitsy staffing agency reviews. SEO is a journey but we are positioning our content to rise to page 1 Google SERP.

5.Branded agency pages

Our goal is to amplify your staffing agency brand and make you stick out. So it's only fitting that you are able to customize your staffing agency page. You can customize your logo and background image to reflect your brand style guidelines.

These changes are just the tip of what's coming to bring trust and transparency to the staffing industry.

Sign up and use Recruitsy to connect with top staffing agencies in your industry and city near you.

About Recruitsy

Recruitsy is a review platform for job seekers and employers. Our mission is to bring job seekers, staffing agencies, and companies together to create better job search experiences for everyone.