Brands spend millions engaging with their customers, interacting with them and making them feel at home. So why is the candidate experience often so awful in the staffing industry? Candidates don't get that same warm welcome when they make a plunge and apply for a role with your your staffing agency.

Here are 5 reasons why you should be improve your candidate experiences by treating candidates as customers;

1.We are in a candidate-driven market. En-employment numbers are at an all-time low and the competition for talent is intense.

2.Candidates have a choice. The biggest problem that a staffing agency has to overcome is differentiation in a crowded market. You have to differentiate your staffing agency by focusing on the candidate experience.

3.Candidates can easily spread the word about good or bad experiences. Candidate experience have effects that can extend well beyond whether the person ends up in the position they applied for, reaching all the way into the staffing agencies reputation & brand.

4.Candidates have valuable networks. If you treat your candidates well; the likelihood that they will refer their network to you for future opportunities increases. There is correlation between great candidate experiences and referral.

5.Treating your candidates like customers isn’t just ‘the right thing to do. It’s smart business! A "share-worthy" candidate experience will set you head and shoulders above your competitors and allow your candidates to provide marketing and press for your staffing agency.

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